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Beard Trims & Shaves

Hot Towel Head Shave at mullets barber s

Crafted Hot Shaves and Sculpted Beard Trim

Hot Towel Face or Head Shave - Sit back and relax with a cold beverage and leave the rest up to us. Our Barbers will treat you with refreshing hot towels, a precision double hot shave and seal the deal with cool towel after shave leaving you clean and fresh.

You can experience:

Beard Line up - For those who like the beard a little shorter with sharp lines to match a new haircut.

Beard Sculpt - If you need the longer beards cleaned up and shaped just the way you like it. Rounded, Square, or tapered, we have the skills to get it right.

Includes a Complimentary Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Hot Towel Shave


Bearded or beardless: a good, clean shave goes a long way

Hot Towel Head Shave


Sleek and smooth, clean shave goes a long way. 

Beard Sculpt


Beard and moustache sculpt

Beard & Moustache Line-Up


Clean & shaped to perfection

Your beard needs a little trim or a shave?

Visit the Mullets Barber Shop today and get your beard trimmed or shaved by our experienced barbers.

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