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Haircuts & Design

creative barber shop

Retro Revival: Infusing Old School Style with Fresh New Flair!

We definitely don't do just Mullets!

Our trained staff can do all Classic Men's and kids cut, to today's trendy styles. Bald Fades, low Fades, French Crops, flat tops, mushroom and much, much more. Our team is ready for you!


Includes a Complimentary Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Beverage








Classic Men’s or Ladies Cut

Longer on top and tapered to the neckline 

Long Hair Cut (Men’s or Ladies) 

Regular scissor cut for those that like it longer

Bald Fades

Senior Men's or Ladies Clipper Cut

Cut with clippers, best for keeping it clean and short

Senior Men's or Ladies Scissor Cut

Ages 65+

Senior Buzz Cut

Ages 65+

Buzz Cut

Youth Cut


Ages 12 to 17

Child Cut


Ages 11 and under

Child Medium Length Scissor Cut


Ages 11 and under

Youth Medium Length Scissor Cut


Ages 12 to 17

Youth or Kids Long Hair Cut


Straight Blade Neck Shave and Line Up


Ages 17 and under



Add a little extra flair

Whether you need a cool fade, a buzz cut, a design that stands out or a regular hair trim, we’re here to help!

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